Neil O’Neil returns to his roots with ’Modern Agriculture’, an ethereal alt-country voyage into the desert that wrestles with temporality, rebirth, and our relationship to the natural world. It was during his childhood on a farm that he was first exposed to horticulture and food production, and this began a lifelong preoccupation with the ways in which we relate (or don’t) to what nurtures us.

When he moved to Nashville, O’Neil began performing with multiple musical projects, which led to studio work and performances at festivals like Bonaroo,  SXSW and many more. During this time, O’Neil would often return home to find his garden overgrown and neglected. It was this that prompted a momentary hiatus from touring. He began a parallel career as a horticulturist, and maintains an urban homestead with chickens, herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and honey bees. With the release of ‘Modern Agriculture’, O’Neil comes full circle with what the Nashville Scene calls an “elegiac and shimmering Western” about the natural rhythms that surround and sustain us.